Mass deportations and the courts

After Arizona passed their immigration law SB1070, several lawsuits were filed that resulted in tying it up in court for about two years.

If as President you decide to pursue mass deportations - even if you think you have the full legal right to do so - the ACLU and other groups aren't going to just let you do what you want. They're going to try to halt your plans in the courts and they might be able to tie up your plans for months or years. Those groups aren't going to be open to a deal.

Why not attrition?

Most of those at the forefront of opposing mass immigration support "attrition". That means increasing immigration enforcement and decreasing benefits for illegal aliens, in order to encourage most illegal aliens to leave on their own.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens left the U.S. during the economic downturn. Attrition would encourage even more to leave by making it more difficult for them to find jobs and access benefits.

Obama's scaremongering is your policy

One of the many ways Obama and others have misled about immigration is by falsely pretending we have to choose between mass legalization of illegal aliens and mass deportations. Obama's ignored other options, such as attrition.

In other words, he scaremongered about mass deportations in order to avoid a discussion about attrition. Why is your policy of mass deportations the same as Obama's scaremongering?