Tough questions for Donald Trump

One of the things Donald Trump fears the most is being asked tough questions about his policies. The questions Megyn Kelly asked him at a GOP debate were fairly weak, yet Trump couldn't handle them.

Everyone knows that the MSM is never going to ask Trump any sort of truly tough question about his policies. That means it's up to us to do it.

In order to have any impact on his policies, we need to start asking him tough questions right now. This site is here to help.

How it works

1. Visitors submit tough questions for Donald Trump, questions he'll really have trouble answering.

2. Experts in various fields vote on the questions, looking for the toughest.

3. Volunteers then go to Trump's appearances and ask the toughest of the submitted questions, on video for Youtube and other sites.

As long as the question is tough and it puts Trump on the spot, those videos are guaranteed to go viral.

So that's why we need you to think up the toughest questions about Trump's policies and submit them.

Start by signing up for an account. It's fast and free, and you can also apply to become an expert so you can vote for the toughest questions.