How is Hillary wrong, Part 1

In August, Hillary Clinton spoke in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and said "So by moving toward reform... we will level the playing field so that American workers can't be taken advantage of because undocumented workers can be exploited by employers".

I know you oppose Hillary for many reasons, but I'd like you to just focus on her specific point and tell us if you think it's wrong. If you think it's wrong, please tell us exactly why you think that is. I'd just like you to address that one, specific point she's making about "level[ing] the playing field". Is there anything she's not mentioning? Please only address her one specific point. Would you like me to repeat what she said?

Supporting information: 

Hillary Clinton economic speech, 8/11/16, newsweek . com/hillary-clinton-full-transcript-economic-speech-489602

The desired answer is for Trump to show that he understands that the immigration wage floor argument Hillary made is wrong. The expected answer is that he'd show he's completely ignorant of such an argument even though it would help him.